László Gábor Belicza


Mary’s Garden, 2022

I am fascinated by the diversity of nature, and even more how man relates to it. This is something that has always interested me in my photographic work. The relationship between nature and man, to visually imbue the landscape with human emotions, or to portray a person as an integral part of nature. In the „inviting” image, I focused on the artificial human footprint. Man can be both a wonderful and a terrible presence in nature. These two pictures are part of my series „Mary’s Garden”. Gábor who is a micro vegetable grower and soil scientist, actually leads a self-sustaining lifestyle. He eats what he grows. He lives and works in a Waldorf school, where he teaches the students how to grow plants. With voluntary donations, he created a garden in the schoolyard from where the students can get a sprout salad or other vegetable dishes with almost every lunch. If only there was a person like this in every public school with such useful knowledge, because in the future, the relationship between nature and man will be a more important topic than ever.

László Gábor Belicza, 2023