Marco Dirr - Alayah + Katja´╗┐



2020 | 35mm slide film

On the road. Elsewhere and in the familiar. A Search. The desire to escape from cities and run away to the countryside. Unexpected seeing and sudden realization. Getting close with each other. Gentle photos, color-soaked. Friends surrounded by nature and water. Sensibility and trust. Color to add a sense of longing. Being hard on the track, incomprehension. Pictures which exist in us. Stepping out of reality, but not turning away from it. Coincidence helps. Using coincidence, and allowing chance, that contingency is not becoming random. Self-exploring, throughout the body, mentally, thus portraying.

A body like a face, nudity as Portrait. Uniqueness, naturalness, sexuality, free of shame, not being shameless. Skin as a teller of stories.

Marco Dirr, 2021