Andrés Castiblanco - Mother and Child, 2019

Instagram: nadie.nobody.niemand

digitale Fotografie, Digitaldruck auf Alu Dibond



Mother and Child is theft. A copy of a copy of a copy of an Icon.

Mother and Child is a criticism. We have lost the connection to mother nature, we are ungrateful, we don’t react. While we thrive for singularity, we hide in the veil of the big masses. We are invisible, nothing belongs to us, we are a blink of time.

Mother and Child is a contradiction. It pursues unity, it tries to represent the beauty behind what it is considered to be trash, what we dispose of has value, it can be re-used, brought back to life.

Mother and Child is my fear to be. A break of a cycle.

Andrés Castiblanco


motherandchild 90_120_final